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If you want to be certain your email will reach me -
Please take the time to read the following:


I Answer All Genuine Queries About My Circuits - typically within a couple of days. If You Don't Get A Reply Within A Week - send your email again. If you do receive a reply - please acknowledge it.


Please Do Not Send Attachments. Emails with attachments are deleted from the server. Ask Your Question First - and if I need to see your attachment - I'll Tell You.


Please Write The Web Address Of The Circuit - on the Subject Line of your email - e.g http://ronj.eu5.org/tza.html. This will help me spot Your Message among the Spam.


You can write to me in French, German, Italian or Spanish. However - I'm afraid the reply has to be in English - Sorry!


Please Do Not Write And Ask For Circuits. All the circuits available are already published on my Circuit Page

All of my designs are listed on my Circuit Page. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have about them; and I welcome your comments and suggestions. That's where I get my ideas for improving the site.

If you visit my Circuit Page you'll find additional material on most of my circuits. It has been compiled in response to questions I have received - so there's a good chance that the answer to your question is already there.

The support material includes detailed circuit descriptions - information about components - guides to circuit board construction - testing procedures - the connection of external devices etc. In many cases there's also a photograph of the prototype.

If you still have a question about one of my circuits - I'll do my best to try to answer it for you. All I ask is that you write the web address of the circuit - its URL - on the Subject Line of your email. And - if you don't receive a reply within a week - send it again.

Please understand that although I welcome - and try to answer - all questions about my designs, I cannot spare the time to help with other unrelated projects.

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