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Ron J's Circuit Page

Latest Updates

9th July 2016

Repeating Timer No.9

New! This circuit has two independently adjustable 24-hour timers. There's a relay-timer that will energize the relay for up to 24-hours. And there's a repeat-timer that will restart the relay-timer - at regular intervals of up to 24-hours. It's a more versatile version of my first Repeating Timer.

Electronic Toggle Switch No.1

Update! I've added clear drawings and a photos of the - built and tested - breadboard layout. I've also added a free SiMetrix circuit simulation - and an improved fault-finding guide.

Electronic Toggle Switch No.2

Update! I've added clear drawings and a photo of the - built and tested - breadboard layout. I've also added a free SiMetrix circuit simulation - and an improved fault-finding guide.

Plan Your Breadboard Layout In Advance

Update! I've added a third template to the downloadable Resource File. I want to provide as many different breadboard templates as I can. So if there isn't one to suits your style of breadboard - please let me know.

How To Make Wire Links

Update! I use indoor telephone cable to make links for my breadboard and stripboard. The breadboard links are reuseable. So in this update - I've added a photo that shows how I sort and store them.

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