Ron J's Motorcycle Alarm No.2 - Breadboard Layout

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Motorcycle Alarm No.2 - Breadboard Layout

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I wanted to make the photo as clear as possible. So to keep my layout tidy - I shortened some of my component leads. If you're going to reuse the breadboard components when you build your finished circuit board - don't cut the leads short at this stage.
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Links Only

The links are reusable. So take a little time and care when making them. I make my links from telephone cable - the kind used indoors to wire phone sockets Stretching The Core will straighten the wire - and loosen the insulation. Strip the ends by sliding the insulation to one side - and snipping off the excess.
Schematic Diagram How To Make The Links Photo Of The Prototype

With Components Added

Schematic Diagram Circuit Simulation Photo Of The Prototype

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